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We are special event professionals at providing the DJ that is the best and most qualified for your Arizona special event.

Our Arizona DJ's are the best in the business. We play all of your favorite music, special requests and keep your guests motivated to stay and dance the night away. We also bring a "Professional Emcee" to make sure all the announcements are done in a clear ,very understandable and up-beat fashion.

We let you customize the level of interaction from your special events DJ to suit your taste, from low key to highly festive and interactive, creating your perfect event.

Whether you're entertaining a group of 50 or 10,000 people, Classy Deejay has the experience to create a fun and classy celebration.

Price List for 2011/2012

Wedding DJ Packages
These are the items that we feel are a necessity regardless of your event size, location, or budget. Therefore, they are included as part of every wedding:

* Up to 4 Hours of Non-Stop Music For Your Reception
* Professional DJ/Emcee To Play Requests & Make Announcements
* Premium Sound System With Backup Equipment Located On-Site
* Wireless Microphones Provided For Toasts
* Basic Light Show Included Upon Request
* Personalized Event & Logistics Planning Consultations with staff and your DJ
* On-Site Coordination With Venue Staff & Your Vendors
* Setup & Tear down of Equipment Before & After Event
* Event Planning & Music Request System
* Access To Our 90,000+ Song Database

The wedding package prices below are not based on just the 4 hours we are DJing your event. They are based on a package which includes meeting and planning with us, the travel time (Outside of Tucson will be a standard travel charge), loading/unloading and set up/tear down of the equipment, and of course whatever else we need to do to make your wedding unforgettable.

$ 450 for the first 4 hours. $100 per additional hour that is needed

Wedding Ceremony Service

* Wireless lapel microphone for your wedding officiate
* Music playback for your prelude, processional, and recessional
* Additional microphones available for readings or vocalists
* Battery-operated system available for remote locations

Same venue as reception: Included in above price
Different venue as reception: $100

Rent DJ Equipment Tucson

Event Enhancements

* Cocktail Hour Music - Included in above price
One hour of music on a second sound system before reception.
* Upgraded Sound - $100
Larger sound system. Recommended for groups of 150+. Required for 200 +.
* Wireless Remote Speaker - $150
Supply a second room or patio with music from your reception.
* Slide show on a 42" LCD - $300
Plays your digital images on loop at the guest book table.
* 100" Screen & Projector Rental - $300
Includes a DVD player and audio link to sound system.
* DVD Slide show Creation - $300
Up to 90 of your digital images are used to make a DVD slideshow.

Event Directors:     $150
You have planned your wedding for over a year now,who will make sure all you plans are executed and don't fall a part at the seams? The day of your Wedding is just the place for just a disaster. Let you friends and family members enjoy the wedding as a guest instead of trying to be a version of a wedding coordinator for the day. Our Directors are professionals that will iron out every detail, so be a guest at your own wedding yourself and leave everything to us.

Party Prompter:      $95/per prompter
Get the People Up and Dancing!
We have noticed at many events, a good number of people are without spouses or an escort.  Classy Entertainment can provide party prompters and dancers. Our prompters break the ice very quickly and get the party started instantly, Allowing all those people you like to dance to be on the dance floor and join in on the fun. Many people are misled to believe, the reason people leave a reception early is because the cake was cut too early. WHAT??? The reason the guests left early is because they were bored. With this add-on, your guests will not be bored. In fact, they will wish the night didn=t have to end. This is also a great add-on if you want us to teach line dances, or maybe a few new moves.

Extra Speakers: - $65
If you are in a large room or you have over 150 guests, you should add a couple of extra speakers. This will allow the sound to be kept at a comfortable level. You will have surround sound with the extra speakers. With two speakers, you will have to turn them up louder in a big room in order for your guests in the back hear the DJ. That will annoy your guests near the speakers. With the added speakers, you will avoid this issue.

SubWoofer:             $75
Really brings out the punch in your music. If you plan on dancing the night away, this is a great add on.  Your guests will be amazed on how good your music sounds.

Karaoke DJ Party: - $100
Turn your reception into a karaoke party!  This is a true Karaoke Show where the Host performs and DJ music is heard between performers! Each singer=s sound is adjusted for optimal quality during their performance, to make them sound their best!

Audio Recording Ability: - $25 [A Party Favorite!]
Your Guests can be the STAR of their very own CD... That's right, your Guests can have their Live Audio Performance recorded and put onto a CD!  This CD is a fun memento of your Special Day!

Additional Karaoke Options:

Song Download

Audio Recording Ability *

15" Flat Screen PC

19" Flat Screen PC/TV

32" Flat Screen PC/TV

40" Flat Screen PC/TV

$ 25






Specialized Lighting

Satellite System

Music Selection

Karaoke Ability

Power (Generator)

Each Additional Hour







* Audio Recording Ability means that, once signed up, the Guest will have the option to purchase a CD of their performance. Recording price above is paid for by the Guests who choose to Record at the Event. These prices are per singer.

If karaoke is what you are interested in, please contact us to put together a custom package that is right for you and your budget!

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$ 450 for the first 4 hours. $100 per additional hour that is needed

Rent DJ Equipment Tucson

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